City Book Covers I + II

Book jacket illustration, design and layout for CityCrime 2018 and CityNovel 2018.

School Workshops

I host workshops and small activity groups for young adults and school children. I can carry these out in either English or German. For privacy reasons I cannot share many images from these events. Should you be interested in more information please get in touch: Projekt Woche in eine Berliner Oberschule –  Länder der […]

Illustrated Novelle: Bella Jolie

Das pathologische Leiden der Bella Jolie by Ramona Raabe, illustrated by Ailish Trimble Cover Artwork ©Ailish Trimble. Published by Dittrich Verlag – Frühjahr 2018 ISBN: 978-3-947373-01-7 Available to buy and order at all bookshops and online. Illustration Samples:

Alpha Animals


London Sketches

Digital Illustrations

Flower Tangle

SPD Bundestagswahl 2017 Skyline

Skyline Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis II, SPD

Pencil Compositions 2018

Ukraine Verstehen

Graphic and illustration for LIB MOD Ukraine Verstehen to celebrate the National Day of Independence in Ukraine 2018.